About me: I think that my work speaks for itself, it reflects my personality.

My poem about another passion that I have. Shopping. I know. Very shallow. 




To escape the daily grind

Some people do not mind

to put themselves through

pain in order to attain

high doses of adrenalin


By swinging the dumbbell

and treading the mill

they get their thrill


My thrill starts at the till

At any shop

from here to Grange Hill


My eyes are likes lasers

spotting the signs

‘Sale now on

everything half price’.


With precision

I am on my way

shop for shop

without delay


The rows of clothes

make me weak at the knees

Drop dead gorgeous I look

when I try some of these


In the lingerie department

I am gasping for air

My blood pressure is high

My throat is dry

‘Janet Reger’

I let out a cry

The assistant comes rushing by

‘Are you alright’?

You gave me a fright.


I look at my watch

I am in despair

It’s six o’ clock

no time to spare

I’ve been out for hours

and haven’t checked

the shoes for sale in Selfridges yet.


Lucky for me

There’s late night shopping on Saturday.