Welcome to my website

I hope you enjoy looking at the work I have created in nearly three decades. 

I think my sculptures are gorgeous but naturally I'm biased. I did lots of them and for some of them I haven't even got photographs, because the digital age hadn't arrived then. Not for me anyway.

When I first started sculpturing in 1995 (with my husband's best chisel) I was amazed that I could actually create something out of a stone. I haven't stopped since. Stone carving is hard work and you need a lot of patience to create a sculpture. You basically take a 'dead' stone and bring it to life.

My sculptures are timeless and 'a one off'.


I've taken part in several group exhibitions such as in  'The Crypt of St. Martin in the Fields' in Trafalgar Square and in 'The Changing Room Gallery' in Walthamstow, London.

I've had some exhibitions in Germany and one in France.

Below, my very first piece of work. 

I usually do a little sketch before I start chiselling. Not always but sometimes in the middle of the job when I'm not sure how to proceed I do several sketches. In the end, it is always the stone that determines the outcome of the finished project. 


The pictures next to my first piece of work show the steelwork sculptor Jack Gardner and myself in 1996 exhibiting in 'The Changing Room Gallery' in Walthamstow, London.